River Football

live communication

adidas reached out to us to let everyone know about their store opening with a big activation, focusing on street soccer and an in-store meet&greet with their ambassadors.

We needed to find a field, but we wanted it to be iconic and meaningful for all Romans, from the north to the south of the city. It didn’t exist, so we built our own. Where? On the Tiber river, that crosses the whole city.


The Tiber is in the heart of all Romans, who, however, cannot live it at its fullest as Parisians do with the Seine or Londoners with the Thames. Before our playground was built they were only able to watch it from above.


In the city where the sacred and profane constantly meet, we made it possible to play on the water. And to enjoy other activities, like a secret concert with Sangiovanni.


A car to play